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We go beyond IT support for Kigali City companies. We provide technology consultation and management, acting as your "Virtual CTO" to help oversee the IT plan at your company.

TMRComputing has been helping small businesses in Kigali with IT support and computer repair since 2012. We have helped companies backup and restore valuable data, keep their operations running smoothly, stay safe from viruses, and focus on doing what they do best rather than worry about their computers.

Our business clients save money and hassle by outsourcing their IT needs instead of hiring their own IT staff or forcing the most technically inclined employee to try to support the team’s needs professionally. Our business clients have a professional, knowledgeable team ready and able to jump to action at a moment’s notice. Scheduled maintenance appointments ensure that infrastructure runs smoothly. Scheduled technology reviews help business owners make informed decisions about new technologies by meeting with us directly and having us re-evaluate their needs. Below is a series of helpful examples of real local companies whom we have helped. If you think your company might benefit from our professional services, contact us for a free consultation today.

GirlHub Development

GirlHub Rwanda first came to TMRComputing in 2012. Their systems were running well enough, but they were frustrated with high price tags from another, larger IT vendor who seemed more focused on selling them expensive equipment rather than providing the right solutions. TMRComputing came in and was immediately able to support the existing infrastructure, including an older Microsoft Exchange server, a Windows Server, a Cisco network, and a T1 line with copper phone lines.

Over the next four years, TMRComputing managed to keep the ship running smoothly while making gradual improvements. Now, GirlHub has a vastly improved IT infrastructure. Gone are the old copper phone lines in place of a modern (and much cheaper) VOIP system. The T1 internet has been upgraded to a blazing fast (and cheaper) wireless microwave antenna system on the roof. Mail, calendar, and contacts have been moved to the cloud, allowing Holliday to more easily access their mail on mobile devices outside the office. We’ve brought down the cost of their antivirus solution and added online backup to their new server – all without any interruption of service. Girlhub trusts TMRComputing to take care of their growing business contact us to find out how we can build the same relationship with you.

We just moved our offices and TMRComputing was a godsend. We have been using CC for IT in the old office and Richard came in with a smooth plan for the transition of all things internet, server and phones to our new space. The computers, internet and phones were up before we could unpack the first box…really amazing. You can work in clutter but there is no way to work without your computer. Thanks CC!! As a bonus we were able to pass on the recommendation to the new people who took over our old space. Lucky them!

-Tiva, Operation Manager

Qatar Airways Security

Qatar Airways Rwanda is a large client for TMRComputing. With over 30 workstations spread across two offices, Qatar Airways was facing an emergency when their previous IT support, a one-man operation, quit his independent contracting to take a full time job. Fortunately, Qatar Airways found TMRComputing online and hired us to work on a transition from the single contractor to our team-based support. Over the years we set up and maintained a new mail server, upgraded antivirus, upgraded the VPN to Cisco equipment, and helped the Qatar Airways executive team keep their computers and their specialized database running 24-7, as a security company never sleeps.

Recently, we moved Qatar Airways’s email, calendar, and contact solution away from a private Microsoft Exchange server and into the cloud via Google Apps for Business. The in-house Exchange server was getting old, and Pro Tech’s growing volume of email data was getting to be too much for it. TMRComputing came to the Qatar Airways Kigali offices to meet with the manager and do some cost analysis to determine whether it was more efficient to upgrade/replace the server, or move to the cloud. Our calculations showed us that a switch to Google Apps for Business would save thousands of dollars and hours of hassle, allowing them to revitalize their old server and use it for their files and database, saving thousands more.


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