Nonprofit Computer Support
We are proud to offer affordable nonprofit IT support in Kigali.
TMRComputing deeply respects and appreciates the work of nonprofit organizations. We work with many nonprofit organizations, both local and national, in an attempt to do our part in helping the world. Yes, of course we offer a nonprofit discount!

Our founder started TMRComputing after five years in the nonprofit world and he knows struggles and triumphs you are going through. Let TMRComputing make it easier for you to help others.

We can provide vital computer support and computer repair services to your organization whenever you need it, saving you the cost of keeping in-house staff for occasional computer needs. We help nonprofits take advantage of unique opportunities such as affordable purchasing through Tech Soup and utilizing nonprofit discounts from other organizations. We build beautiful, business-class websites at a discount to nonprofits, connecting them with other helpful nonprofit services.

Did you know that nonprofits can use Google Apps Education Edition and SalesForce for free? Contact us to learn more about these amazing, budget-saving productivity boosts available only to nonprofits.

TMRComputing is proud to offer free consultations to qualifying organizations. If you are interested in a free consultation for your business, read more below and contact us today.

Nonprofit Computer Services include:

Some of the key advantages of our phone and remote IT support include:
Mac and PC workstation support. We manage workstations for speed and reliability so you can focus on your company’s goals rather than computer problems.

Server support. We install and maintain servers, including Windows Server, OS X Server, and Linux. Servers are streamlined for security, speed, and stability. We configure servers to provide e-mail, files, backup, antivirus, document sharing, printers, copiers, fax, and more.

Reliable Backup. Your data is backed up through a redundant system allowing for easy administration, quick restores, and secure off-site backup.

Email/Calendar/Contacts. We help nonprofits manage their Microsoft Exchange servers for email, calendar, and contacts. Beyond that, we help smaller businesses set up hosted solutions such as Google Apps to give any company (even a company of one) professional, reliable email calendar and contacts that are always on and accessible from any device. Learn more about Google Apps here.

Remote Control. We set up secure and simple remote control systems, both for support and for remote access. Your employees can work from anywhere with our tools.

Secure Networking & VPN. We set up and manage your wired network, router, modem, VPN, firewall, wireless access, and more to ensure reliability and access 24/7.

Productivity Software Training. Training is available for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Entourage, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, and more.

Emergency Service. If the unexpected does arise, TMRComputing will be there for you to solve the problem and get your systems running immediately. Our expert backup solutions will ensure that your data is recovered.

Areas of consultation include:

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